vCamDrain Wireless Camera System with Accessories


The vCamDrain inspection camera system is a wireless Wi-Fi reel controlled by an iOS or Android app. The vCam Mobile Controller (VMC) app manages all the reel functions, including the camera head LEDs and the 512Hz/640Hz/33kHz locating sonde, and the distance counter. In addition, the VMC app displays the reel's Wi-Fi status, battery level, and even charging status. The system's Li-Ion battery is capable of up to 10-hour operation on a full charge.

Package Includes:, vCamDrain (Mobile device) Vivax-Metrotech Mount, vCamDrain for mounting mobile device

VCDPMKPhone Mount Kit, vCamDrainVivax-Metrotech Phone Mount Kit for vCamDrain - (1) RAM-B-337U, (1) RAM-B-201U, (1) RAM-HOL-UN 7BU

4.02.000189Reel Carry Bag (vCamDrain) Vivax-Metrotech Reel Carry Bag (vCamDrain)

D18-HD Guide Skid, Standard Vivax-Metrotech D18-HD Guide Skid (vCamDrain & vCamMX) Guide Skid, 25mm (1") Vivax-Metrotech D18-HD/D20-HD Guide Skid (vCamDrain)

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