Coating Brushes

Coating Brushes


Picote Coating Brushes are used for Brush Coating Pipes by applying Picote Coating Resin using Picote Millers, and Picote Pumps.  They can also be used for gentle Cleaning/Sweeping out Debris/Water as needed in certain applications.


It is recommended to oversize your Brushes to the diameter of the Pipe you intend to Coat. 

For example, Coating a 4" Pipe with the Maxi Miller would involve x2 5" or even x2 6" Brushes. 

If you were Coating a 4" Pipe with the Mini Miller however, you would require a slightly different setup.  We would recommend using 4" Brush and a 5" Brush for this application.  

Please feel free to reach out to us directly if you have any questions or would like more clarification before placing your order.

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