SeeSnake MAX rM200 D2B Drum

SeeSnake MAX rM200 D2B Drum


The RIDGID rM200 D2B Drum (47538) SeeSnake MAX rM200 D2B Drum with 165 ft. Cable and Self-Leveling Color Camera (NTSC) is designed for use with rM200A and rM200B camera reels. The interchangeable drum can be quickly and easily installed into the reel (not included), providing on-the-job flexibility.

The D2B drum has a stiff 165 ft. push cable and a longer spring with a second, shorter spring nested inside. The self-leveling camera ensures a clear image no matter how many turns it is pushed through.

The D2B is best suited for lines with diameters between 1.5 in to 4 in; however, when used with a 5 in. pipe guide, the drum's line capacity is 1.5 in. to 8 in.

A FleXmitter sonde is built into the spring assembly, helping to locate problems in the pipe. The FleXmitter sonde has a long, powerful antenna that is capable of putting out a strong signal without inhibiting the camera's flexibility through turns. The sonde transmits a 512 Hz signal that can be detected by receivers.

The D2B Drum's integrated counter measures how far the camera has traveled inside the pipe. The water-resistant keypad allows users to control the counter's functions, which include day, date, time, distance, and preset or custom text overlays.

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