Micro CA-350 Monitor

Micro CA-350 Monitor


The RIDGID micro CA-350 Handheld Inspection Camera with 17mm Imager, 3 1/2 in. Color Display, Rechargeable 12V Battery, is a powerful handheld digital recording device. It is a complete digital platform that allows you to perform inspections and record pictures and videos in hard to reach areas. Several image manipulation features such as image rotation and digital zoom are built into the system to ensure detailed and accurate visual inspections. The camera has external memory and TV-Out features. Accessories (hook, magnet and mirror) are included to attach to the imager head and provide application flexibility.

The micro CA-350 Inspection Camera can be connected to a television or other monitor for remote viewing or recording through the included RCA cable. The micro CA-350 can also be used with various SeeSnake Inspection Equipment and is specifically designed to be used with the microReel, microDrain, and the nanoReel Inspection Systems (sold separately). When used with these types of equipment, it can retain all of its functionality or be used for viewing and recording only.

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