4:1 Resin Hardener

4:1 Resin Hardener


Two-part, 100% solids, styrene-free epoxies offering superior mechanical properties, chemical resistance and adhesion to pipe materials.  These resins are specially designed with excellent wet-out capability, low-odor and no VOC’s for quick and easy sewer service repairs.  May be used for ambient curing applications as well as heat curing.

*4:1 Mixing Ratio (Base : Hardener) - Most choose to purchase four 5 gallon buckets of Base Resin to pair with one of these 5 gallon Hardener (15, 30, or 60 Minute) buckets.  Totals a 200lbs Kit when ordered this way.

**Curing Time depends largely on temperature and method of Curing.  Call our Staff for further information and recommendations.


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