SeeSnake MAX rM200B Reel with D2B Drum

SeeSnake MAX rM200B Reel with D2B Drum


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The RIDGID rM200B SeeSnake MAX rM200B Reel with D2B Drum, 165 ft. Cable, and Self-Leveling Color Camera Head (NTSC) features a stiff 165 ft. push cable and a longer spring with a second, shorter spring nested inside. The dual, nested spring gives the rM200B the ability to easily navigate multiple turns and transitions, while maintaining the stiffness necessary to push through them and go farther down long lines.

The rM200B weighs 39.2 lbs, which includes the rM200 case, one stow bin, and the D2B drum.

No matter how many turns you push through, the rM200B's self-leveling camera ensures a clear image. The rM200B is best suited for lines with diameters between 1.5 in to 4 in; however, when used with a 5 in. pipe guide, the rM200B's line capacity is 1.5 in. to 8 in. Achievable push distance depends on pipe conditions.

The rM200B is supplied with the D2B drum but can also be used with the D2A Drum (sold separately), giving users on-the-job flexibility when the job demands a different push cable and camera combination.

The rM200B can be used with any SeeSnake monitor and is designed to dock with the CS6 and CS65 for convenient transport, operation, and storage (monitors sold separately).

Heavily tested for durability, the rM200B's case helps protect the push cable, prolonging equipment life. Keeping the push cable enclosed when not in use also helps keep surfaces around and between work areas clean.

A FleXmitter sonde is built into the rM200B's spring assembly, helping to locate problems in the pipe. The FleXmitter sonde has a long, powerful antenna that is capable of putting out a strong signal without inhibiting the camera's flexibility through turns. The sonde transmits a 512 Hz signal that can be detected by receivers.

The rM200B is easy to transport with its handle assembly and wheels. One stow bin comes standard with each rM200. Users can store a paint can, gloves, business cards, wrenches, or any other tool they want to keep nearby in the stow bin.

The D2B Drum's integrated counter measures how far the camera has traveled inside the pipe. The water-resistant keypad allows users to control the counter's functions, which include day, date, time, distance, and preset or custom text overlays.